Analytic Tools for Risk Management
Valuation of projects and portfolios is a necessity but not a simple task with prices and delivery fluctuations and with ongoing regulatory uncertainty. Project tools merged into a portfolio model provides ongoing analysis and strategy. We have the capacity and experience to develop beyond state of the art models customized to clients' needs.

Analysis, Strategy and Implementation for Distressed Assets and Portfolios
In the current depressed carbon markets, many investments in carbon and renewable projects are in distress. ROI provides a three step approach which could turn a liabilities into assets. First, analysis of the current and potential value of the portfolio under different price, regulatory and delivery scenarios. Second, a strategy for work out including sale or purchase of assets and embedding options and hedges in renegotiated contracts or business relationships. Third, implementation of the strategy and management of the portfolio. A client can phase the engagement with ROI depending on the results of any step in the workout.

- Purchase opportunities of offsets, voluntary and certified emission reductions
- Capital investments on improved efficency and new technologies
- Contractual strategies including valuing and embedding real options
- Least cost strategies for securing and managing risks of offset purchases
- Building risk management teams in environmental markets

 - Real options analysis of portfolio investments, including entry, exit and expansion options
- Scenario analysis of business environments in environmental markets, including carbon
- Valuation of assets and liabilities
- Regulatory impact analysis
- Pricing of carbon emission permits
- Risk analysis of portfolios
- Strategy on distressed assets, including work outs